Marketing Toolkit

Resources to promote the SkillsFirst and build engagement in the student community

1. Introduction

Here you will find all necessary materials to promote our program. For more detailed information on what SkillsFirst is, please visit the FAQ section.

1.1. Intro slide decks

For better understanding of what SkillsFirst offers, it is helpful to use a qualitative presentation. You can use a ready-made one or an editable version.

1.2. Intro flyers

You can print flyers or share them electronically.

2. Product Guides

You can distribute these guides to users to prepare them to use SkillsFirst.

2.9. Resume Builder

Students can create modern, keyword-optimized resume using our brand new AI-augmented resume builder.

3. Social media materials

You can use these materials to build engagement on your organization's social media profiles.

All of these items contain a package with files (animated and static) designed to be published on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

4. Brand communication principles

We follow certain rules in our marketing communications. The consistency of our communications depends on our adherence to them.

4.1. Logo

4.1.1. Basic logo

Can be used in all advertising materials, both digital and printed
Minimum height of regular logo:
9pt - printed without tagline, 100px - digital without tagline
20pt - printed with tagline, 150px - digital with tagline

4.1.2. Basic logo - negative version

4.1.3. Signet version

It should be used on all advertising gadgets, wherever the print area is small. Can be used in all advertising materials, both digital and printed. For reinforcing branding. Also as web favicon and social profiles avatar.
Minimum height of signet: 6pt - printed, 50px - digital

4.1.4. Logo construction

4.1.5. Logo color palette

Basic version

Blue Zodiac
CMYK: 99, 88, 42, 45
RGB: 16, 35, 71
HEX: #102347
Royal Blue
CMYK: 80, 66, 0, 0
RGB: 38, 96, 227
HEX: #355EDF
Fire Engine Red
CMYK: 10, 95, 100, 0
RGB: 214, 52, 28
HEX: #D72D24

Gray version

Oslo Gray
CMYK: 52, 39, 34, 3
RGB: 130, 138, 147
HEX: #828A93
CMYK: 24, 17, 16, 0
RGB: 192, 196, 200
HEX: #C0C4C8
White Lilac
CMYK: 8, 5, 5, 0
RGB: 230, 232, 233
HEX: #E6E8E9

4.2. Fonts

We use two Montserrat font typefaces under the Open Font License. You should download if you want to use editable versions of our materials.

4.3. Design language

We take full advantage of the contemporary language of graphic communication - in icons, illustrations or patterns we use minimalistic forms. Our layouts are bright, the colors are clean without any rubbing or discoloration. We use mainly monocolor graphics without strong accents, based on two - three main colors.

4.3.1. Icons, illustrations, accents

4.3.2. Color palette

The color base comes from playing with pastels. The general marketing materials take liberties with the shades. Some sample sets below.

Glitter + Perano + Blue Zodiac
#B8B7F5 +
Glitter + Cape Honey + Royal Blue
Onahau + Perano + Mint Tulip
#B6B8F7 +
Perfume + Witch Haze + Onahau
#F7F27A +
Cape Honey + Perano + Honeysuckle
#B4B9F9 +
Grandis + Cape Honey + Hit Pink
#FCD292 +

4.3.3. Color palette in student-facing materials on social media

These materials do not contain a logo, so it is important that the colors clearly relate to the main branding colors. Additional acceptable colors in the set is mint color described as Robin Egg Blue and blue described as Picton Blue.

Ferrari Red + Bubble Gum
#EC2C0B +
Iris + Perano
#5757CE +
Robin Egg Blue + Mint Tulip
#00DFB8 +
Picton Blue + Anakiwa
#4EA8F1 +
White Smoke + Iris
#F3F4F8 +