We’re pleased to share the results of our two-year pilot program expanding evidence-based career navigation in West Michigan!

Career Development Network

Provide the data, tools, and collaborators your job seekers need to stay ahead.

Data-Driven Career Navigation

Job seekers can use holistic data about their personality, strengths, and in-demand jobs and skills to make informed career choices.

Authentic Career Exploration

With access to people and career content shared by your organization, job seekers can network with members and explore careers and competencies in an authentic way.

Full-Stack Career Tools

Job seekers can showcase their skills and practice and improve career management skills using built-in career tools.


Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Members can prep for virtual recruiting events, share career advice, and enhance job search documents together.

Competencies Communication

Job seekers can share their skills evidence inside and outside SkillsFirst to provide proof to employers.

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

Job seekers can make evidence-based career decisions after progressing through five self-directed steps: preparation, self-understanding, option exploration, decision making, and action planning.

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