Interview Tools

Provide complete online tools for interview preparation, informational interviewing, and structured interviewing.

Offer anytime, anywhere access to interview tools and support

Use our HTML5 video interview tools from any desktop or mobile browser.

Educate and prepare job seekers for the interview process

Provide expert interview tutorials that guide job seekers through interview process, including essential topics such as interview appearance, etiquette, asking effective questions, and overcoming objections.

Engage job seekers with interview galleries

Give members access to curated interview galleries with interview content shared by members and partners, including 12,000 pre-recorded interview question/coaching sets shared by SkillsFirst.

Provide builders to create video interviews, questions, answers, and coaching

Give members a complete set of interview tools to practice and improve interview skills and create custom interview content.

Enable peer-to-peer interview collaboration

Members can share their video interviews, questions, answers, and coaching with personal collaborators, organization groups, and organization partners.

Give members full control over their interview content

Your members control access to their interview content by assigning specific roles to recipients.

Provide pre-recorded interviews, questions and coaching for each O*NET occupation

Tailor the interview or interview practice experience with pre-recorded prescreening interviews, questions, and question coaching for each O*NET occupation.

Provide pre-recorded interview questions and coaching for a variety of interview scenarios

Use our database of pre-recorded interview questions and coaching, including behavioral, brain teasers, business, current events, internship, market sizing, math and mental acuity, and more.

Create custom interview samples and interview advice

Create custom video interview samples and interview advice for organization members.

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