Evidence-Based Career Pathways

Connect the dots to rewarding careers with evidence-based career pathways.

Give job seekers seven steps to success

Use the 7-Step Career Pathway Model™ to guide job seekers through a process of achieving and gathering evidence of their own skills and abilities to connect them to employment.

Engage job seekers with career coaches and support services

Job seekers engage with career coaches to understand their career interests, identify job targets, connect with support services, access needed training and credentials, develop a skill profile and apply for employment.

Provide evidence-based career coaching

Help job seekers make informed career choices after advancing through four stages: self-understanding, option exploration, decision making and action planning.

Use data to connect job seekers to careers best suited to them

Job seekers use assessments scores, skills importance scores, and current labor market information to create evidence-based career action plans.

Advance skills-based hiring

Job seekers develop evidence-based career profiles to demonstrate skills to employer partners.

Accelerate economic mobility

Work with regional talent partners to accelerate economic mobility and improve wellbeing of all residents.

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