Find and Retain
Skilled Talent.

Use evidence-based talent practices to find qualified candidates and keep them longer.

Expand Skills-Based Sourcing.

Partner with regional education providers to source candidates with needed skills.

SkillsFirst SkillsFirst SkillsFirst

Provide a Path to Success.

Support entry and advancement with demand-driven, competency-based career pathways.

7-Step Career Pathway Model® developed by Metrics Reporting, Inc.

SkillsFirst SkillsFirst

Scale Evidence-Based
Career Coaching.

Develop staff to manage and provide evidence-based career coaching to help more entry-level associates move ahead.



  • Assessment of career interests
  • Assessment of cognitive abilities
  • Assessment of behavioral competencies

Option Exploration

  • Use of O*NET data
  • Comparison of interests, skills, and abilities to occupations

Decision Making

  • Use of labor market information
  • Use of information on available education and training institutions
  • Comparison of resources to options and barriers

Actions Plans

  • Aligned with evidence-based decisions

Evidence-Based Career Coaching process developed by Metrics Reporting, Inc.

Align Individual Career Planning With Organizational Needs.

Help workers develop the right skills and credentials to move ahead within your organization.

Job 1

Retail Salesperson Bright Outlook

SkillsFirst 41-2031.00

Starting Out


Education / Credentials / Support

Job 2

First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers Bright Outlook

SkillsFirst 41-1011.00

Moving Up


Education / Credentials / Support

Job 3

Sales Manager

SkillsFirst 11-2022.00

Continuing to Climb


Education / Credentials / Support

Find Serious Candidates
With Evidence-Based
Career Portfolios.

Include evidence-based career portfolios in your selection process to identify motivated candidates who will get the job done.


Make More
Successful Hires.

Use evidence-based selection to improve key hiring metrics and demonstrate business impact.

First-Year Turnover

SkillsFirst6% Reduction


SkillsFirst6 Day Reduction

Increase Minority Hires

SkillsFirst13% Increase

Source data from Mercy Health's training and development programs available here.

Regional Industry Sector Network

Advance Regional
Sector Initiatives.

Join talent partners in regional industry sector networks to expand talent supply chains.


Youth, Adults, Employees


State/Local Government, Policy and Advocacy, NGOs


Education, Workforce Agencies, Others


Small, Medium, and Large Employers

7-Step Career Pathway Model®

Establish demand-driven, competency-based career pathways to support entry and advancement.

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

Develop staff to manage and provide evidence-based career coaching to help more employees advance.

Evidence-Based Sourcing

Set preferences for evidence-based career portfolios and receive motivated candidates from partner organizations.

Full-Stack Career Tools

Create career advice, cover letters, interviews, interview questions, pitches, portfolios, resumes, rubrics, testimonials and more.


Establish organization and network partnerships to expand talent pipelines.

Career Mentoring

Members and partners can connect, share content, and provide/receive career guidance.


Manage access to organization galleries that drive engagement and career development.


Get full access to version 24.0 of the O*NET occupation database.


Get access to O*NET-based competencies frameworks including JOFI® Foundational Skills, Transferable Skills, and Hot Technology Skills.

Access Management

Invite members and guests, assign granular role permissions, and create custom access terms.


Connect to other platforms via Single Sign-On (SSO) integration including Shibboleth, LTI, or LDAP.

API Sandbox

Pull content from SkillsFirst with API sandbox access and complete documentation.

Let’s put SkillsFirst.

Provide a path to family sustaining wages through evidence-based talent practices.