Career Tools

Give members access to career tools to facilitate career collaboration and competencies communication.

Personal Galleries

Members can archive career content and competencies evidence in private galleries on their user profile.

Content Access Management

Members control access to their content by assigning permissions to selected recipients.

Content Tagging

Tag your content with O*NET occupations and important competencies including knowledge, hot technology skills, transferable skills, and abilities.

Interview Tools

Provide complete interview tools to help members practice and improve interview skills and screen candidates.

Resume Tools

Provide tools and support to help members create winning resumes:

  • Access 500+ professionally written resume samples organized by occupation and experience level
  • Access organization galleries with shared resumes
  • Resume writing video tutorials
  • Customizable resume review groups
  • Annotation tools for resume reviewers

Elevator Pitch Tools

Help members perfect their elevator pitch:

  • Create video, audio, or text elevator pitches
  • Elevator pitch video tutorials
  • Access to elevator pitch scripts
  • Access to organization galleries with shared pitches
  • Customizable review groups

Career Advice Tools

Members can create and share career advice:

  • Create video, audio, or text career advice
  • Tag career advice with O*NET occupations and competencies
  • Share career advice with personal collaborators, organization groups, or partners
  • Access organization galleries with shared career advice

Let’s scale peer-to-peer career collaboration together.