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Learn about the interview process.

Watch video lessons to learn about the job interview process, best practices, and success strategies. Topics include:

  • Interview Appearance & Etiquette
  • Behavioral Interviewing - STAR Method
  • Prescreening & Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Overcoming Objections & The Art of Persuasion

Answer individual questions or take complete practice interviews.

Choose from a database of

  • 12,000+Practice Interview Questions
  • and
  • 1,000+Practice Interviews
  • O*NET Occupation Interviews & Questions
  • Wide Variety of Interview Scenarios
  • Wide Variety of Interview & Question Types

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The interviewer is asking this open-ended, icebreaker question looking for some introductory information from you and to see how you handle yourself. Give a short and engaging response, ending on an interesting note so that the interviewer wants to hear more…

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Watch interview question coaching

Watch video coaching to get ideas for respond to each practice interview question.


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