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Help your frontline workers take the next step in their career journey with high-quality career tools and coaching.

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Career Preparation Tools

O*NET-powered, AI-augmented career tools help workforce participants create keyword-optimized resumes and cover letters, improve job interview skills, and land more job offers.

  • AI-Augmented Resume Builder
  • AI-Augmented Cover Letter Builder
  • Interview Practice
  • Career Portfolio Builder
  • Elevator Pitch Builder
  • Career Advice Builder

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

Part of our Career Pathways Program, evidence-based career coaching ensures workers use data to make informed career choices. Career coaching steps include:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Option Exploration

Step 3:

Decision Making

Step 4:

Action Planning

Individuals can’t navigate the jobs marketplace if they don’t know the skills they need to get the jobs they want. SkillsFirst empowers individuals with an understanding of needed skills and puts them on a path to future career growth.

John Cleveland, President & Co-Founder,
Innovation Network for Communities (INC)

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