Elevator Pitch Builder

Help job seekers prepare to introduce themselves at career fairs and recruiting events.

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Easy to Use Tools

Name It

Add a name and description for the pitch.

Add Content

Add a transcript, media, or transcript + media.


Share your pitch with members or as a link outside SkillsFirst.

Sample Pitch Scripts

Job seekers learn how to develop their elevator pitch with pitch scripts for different scenarios, including:

  • Broadcast Pitch
  • Industry Pitch
  • Employer Pitch
  • Job/Internship Pitch
  • Graduate School Pitch
Type Pitch Scripts Broadcast Employer Graduate School Industry Job/Internship Scholarship
Interview Question Media Type

Flexible Media Options

Job seekers can choose from a variety of pitch media formats.

  • Audio/Video
  • Audio Only
  • Audio/Video Link
  • Upload File
Viewer Organization People Groups Administrators 20 Class Students 3 Guests 34 with: Share pitch with permissions Share Select Group

Pitch Sharing

Administrators can allow members to share pitches to give and receive feedback.

  • Peer-to-Peer Feedback
  • Member Pitch Galleries

Career Portfolio Integration

Job seekers can include a link to their elevator pitch in their career portfolio.

Pitch Review Center

Give job seekers personalized feedback on their elevator pitch.

  • Add text, audio, or video comments.
  • Update pitch review status
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