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Help members understand their interests and career goals and what it takes to succeed.

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Seven Steps to Success

Intake Coaching Support Learning Credentials Profiles Placement

Our stepwise program improves career exploration, coaching and navigation.



Registration in career pathways program



Evidence-based career coaching



Address barriers to employment



Develop training plans



Tracking credentials progress



Share career profiles with employers in career pathways program



Track job placement

R.I.S.E. Up Pilot Program Results

Our 2-year pilot program in West Michigan achieved significant economic impact for participants.

  • $14,226Average annual wage increase
  • $938,770Total annual wage increase
  • 75%Completed key career coaching steps
  • 40%From neighborhoods with high poverty & unemployment

Evidence-Based Career Coaching

A career coach guides the participant through a series of prescribed activities, ensuring the participant uses holistic information to make evidence-based career decisions.

Hannah Palmer 2c 2d 2a 2b Career Coach: Step 2: Coaching Plan job progression including education & training, credentials, and needed supports. Develop concrete career action plans. Decision Making Action Planning Review assessment reports and develop an evidence-based self- understanding. Identify target and alternate jobs & assess strengths and growth opportunities. Self-Understanding Option Exploration

Career Pathway MAP Development

Each job seeker develops a career pathway map in consultation with their career coach.

Hannah Palmer Complete Career Pathway Map Job 1 Job 3 Job 2 Medical Assistants Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists Medical Scientists Getting Started Moving Forward Achieve Goal
Why Career Coaches Love it Engages Participants More Deeply Tracks Interests, Skills & Targets Reduces Paperwork ❤️ Facilitates Candidate Referrals

Evidence-Based Career Coaching is so valuable because it helps students and job seekers use data to dive deeper into their interests and personality. The process enables them to make choices that align with this data. With that resource and a coach to walk beside them they can begin to relate towards career opportunities along with setting clear goals to be successful in the path they choose to walk.

Robel Rezene
Career Coach at West Michigan Works!

Sometimes I would apply for jobs, but they would ask for qualifications I didn’t have. My Coach told me that all my qualities were there, I just needed to be more confident and go for it, and we went through the steps together. My Coach’s words of encouragement did impact me, it made me feel more confident. I went into my interview like, ‘I got this!

R.I.S.E. Up Participant

I really like the test that shows you your top jobs. It Was nice to see my traits match with the career I’m going for. The assessments showed me my weaknesses and my strengths, and my Coach helped me think about how to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

R.I.S.E. Up Participant

I met with my Coach, and we explored where I wanted and needed to be. I needed to go to school, but funding school Was challenging. The Resource Navigator helped me get funding and even helped with childcare. It Was a blessing!

R.I.S.E. Up Participant

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