Career Exploration

Help job seekers understand career opportunities and use trusted labor market information to make informed career choices.

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Career Interests Assessments

Members can take a short, 60-question assessment to understand their interests and how they relate to the world of work.

I’m a Doer


I’m a Thinker


I’m a Creator


I’m a Helper


I’m a Persuader


I’m an Organizer


Careers Matching

Job seekers identify careers matching their interests and preparation level.

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Comparing Careers

Job seekers can compare career opportunities using a variety of data points.

  • Education Requirements
  • Projected Growth
  • Projected Job Openings
  • Median Annual Wages
  • Important Skills
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Setting Targets

Job seekers can tag their profile with target occupations and competencies and accumulate evidence for employers.

Exploring Career Galleries

Job seekers can explore galleries with sample resumes, portfolios, career advices, interview answers, etc.

Career Networking

Job seekers can network with members with specific occupation experience or competencies.

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